Furniture Care

Remember that the finest antiques have scratches and dings that give them the character we all love. At HL Holland Antique Designs, we spend many extra hours in our polishing shops in England to achieve this antique look on our furniture. Because of the antique patina that our polishers achieve, the look of our pieces improves with daily use and regular care. All of our furniture has a final coat of wax applied to it before it leaves our polishing shops. The following care tips will work on all of our wax finishes.

Daily or Weekly

Use a clean, soft, cotton cloth (no synthetic or polyester fabrics) for dusting and buffing out fingerprints. Cloth should be dry or with just a hint of moisture – use only clean water, no sprays, oils or soaps.

Every Three Months

For heavier cleaning, spray a very light mist of aerosol furniture cleaner on a clean soft, cotton cloth and wipe surfaces. Never spray cleaner directly onto furniture. This removes the layer of wax that combines with dirt and dust over the months, and restores the rich look of the original finish.

Every Six Months

After six months or so, the original wax finished has been rubbed off or has deteriorated and needs to be restored. Use a clear wax for light woods, slightly colored wax for dark woods. Using a soft cotton cloth, apply a thin coating of wax. Wait two to three minutes until the wax is almost dry, then buff with a clean rag (old T-shirts or diapers are ideal). Turn the rag often to use a clean portion and avoid streaks. Continue until the rag slides easily over the wood and the shine is even and deep. For best results, use pressure on the rag as you buff.

Scratches and Nicks

Use touch-up sticks designed for covering scratches. These are available at furniture supply stores and hardware stores. Use dark brown for most scratches, and make sure to immediately wipe off any extra marks that do not cover the scratch. We like to use Scratch Fix by K.J. Miller or a similar product. Minwax also makes a good touch-up stick and is a little easier to find.