Frequently Asked

Below is a list of some of our more commonly asked questions about the custom side of our business. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have additional questions.

What kind of things can you customize?

Since our furniture is built by hand in small workshops, we can customize almost any type of furniture. Whether it is a simple modification to one of our standard items or a fully custom project based on your needs, we will give you what you want.

For example, making our 2125 French Walnut Farm Table in a larger size, adding a leaf to it and changing the top from rectangular to oval is easy for us. Modifying our desks and writing tables so that they can house a computer is as stress-free as submitting a rough sketch of what you need. Or, we can make a completely custom piece from scratch using your ideas, sketches or photos. For more complicated orders, we can produce a CAD sketch for approval.

What is your lead-time for custom items?

Because we make a good percentage of our furniture from scratch, the lead time for a custom piece is similar to the lead time for a standard piece, approximately 22-24 weeks from the time of order to arrival in our US warehouse.

How much does customization generally add to the the price?

In general, modifying one of our standard items adds about 20% to the price. We will work up a quote within a few days and get back to you with a firm price.